Integration solution InterStorage for SPF

InterStorage is a technology of integration solutions between CAD/PDM systems designed for development of engineering data and EDMS/PLM, where engineering data is accumulated for convenient presentation of information to end users. NEOLANT Service is the copyright holder of the integration solution InterStorage for SPF.

The InterStorage technology allows users to significantly expand capabilities of EDMS/PLM, making them more receptive to engineering data formats and providing the high quality of all information submitted regardless of the model development technology used by designers. The use of InterStorage is especially necessary when forming a unified model of a large facility, since its design and creation of a 3D model always involves application of multiple systems from different manufacturers.

InterBridge, when applied together with InterStorage, supports data transformation of most popular CAD/PLM platforms.

The implementation of the InterStorage technology for EDMS/PLM Intergraph SmartPlant Foundation expands the platform’s functions in terms of:

  • Collection and publication of a unified information model from various CAD/PLM in the SmartPlant Foundation repository, taking into account both graphic and semantic data.
  • Quick viewing of a unified model of an arbitrarily large facility (or facilities) implemented directly in SmartPlant Foundation environment.
  • Additional visualization tools for the whole facility, its elements, and data chosen manually or based on certain criteria using SmartPlant Foundation.
  • Automated collision search in a unified model based on various CAD/PLM in the SmartPlant Foundation environment.


Documents confirming the software authenticity.

Software registration number in the Unified Register of Russian Computer Software and Databases: 7066

Certificate of State Registration of Computer Software No. 2018665107

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